IT Support at the Ready

Teqworks Solution Support Help Desk

The Teqworks Solution Support Help Desk is designed to get you connected to someone who can help you right away. No hold queues, no off-shore tier 1 script-reader, no “leave a message and we’ll get back to you.” If you are used to waiting hours or days for your “IT guy” to free up from other jobs, get ready for a different kind of technical support.

Every Teqworks Managed IT Services agreement gets a primary account Solution Analyst who is responsible for making sure your projects and issues are resolved right.  And when your primary Solution Analyst happens to be busy with another project, an entire team is ready to work with you and fix the problem.  And because every action we take is documented, your primary Solution Analyst knows exactly what got done, and what needs to be followed up.

While this may be a unique approach, it is how we’ve done this from the beginning. The entire Teqworks culture is built on this whole team – everyone up—mentality. Our processes, solutions, and communication habits all stem from this approach.

In addition to the help desk, Teqworks also provides a multitude of methods to reach our solution support:

Client Service Portal:

An always-available, secure website for opening and tracking ticket progress. Business owners, accounting, and managers can also check invoices, quotes, project progress, and ticket status across your entire organization.

Support Agent:

Miniscule software on each supported computer connects you to the Teqworks Solution Support Help Desk team. Open a ticket, access frequent support bookmarks, run common automated problem fixes, and share your screen with the Teqworks Solution Support team through this powerful tool.


Teqworks provides state-of-the-art spam filtering and email security to protect your organization from junk and malicious email. MailGuard represents a suite of solutions. Teqworks employs to provide a full service answer, including spam filter, email scanning, configuration best practices, and user security awareness training to control from phishing and social engineering.

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